Buckley Street


Buckley Street project is a mixed use development located in the corner of Buckley Street and Lincoln Rd in Essendon. It comprises of 25 apartments, 2 shops and a parking area accessible from the rear laneway. The precinct is undergoing urban renewal, with multi-storey developments proliferating along the streets, excellent public transport connections and access to a variety of services and facilities.

Our building responds to the evolving streetscape of Buckley Street with a contemporary architectural design and a neutral material palette. Maximised glazed areas for the living spaces, emphasizing the verticality of the building, open up to the main streets and are tied together by recessed warmed-up balconies and white render bedrooms areas. Rhythm and articulation is created throughout the facades by deliberately using the same geometries and composition. The use of 3 materials - white render, micro-perforated metal and grey fibrocement sheet, helps to convey a contained yet playful character. 

The introduction of protruding awnings protects the openings from being over-exposed, while maintaining the transparency and outlook from the internal spaces.  

A pronounced corner treatment highlights the intersection of the Buckley Street and Lincoln Road, incorporating the commercial component to generate activity at ground level. The parking at grade is well hidden by a façade that alternates greenery, micro-perforated metal and spaced up fins, picking up from the language of the upper storeys. 






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Construction Documentation