Blair Fields


Located within the limits of a residential growth zone, the site is surrounded by a neighbourhood area. characterised by single and double storey detached dwellings and a few recent multi-unit developments up to four storeys. 

The squared shaped site and the planning rules expectation of having a building that is consistently staggered in all interfaces presents as a challenge. Trying to move away from this preconception, we introduce horizontal bands that will emphasize this direction and dissolve the idea of stepping storeys. The architectural detailing and introduction of common elements across the development are the key to break the symmetry, while keeping a cohesive design language.  

Our building responds to the sensitive interfaces to the side and rear, where we face low grain houses and more domestic courtyards. The materiality of the project represents a departure from the more contemporary apartment buildings in the suburb and helps with a better transition to the smaller scale of the adjoining properties. 

Brick is chosen as the hero material, evoking craft and wellbeing. Greenery also becomes a building material providing for the future inhabitants a sense of home and individuality, while being part of a bigger community. Strategic splashes of timber and boxed out windows forming sitting areas appear along the terraces, adding extra warmth. 

The internal spaces are generous and open up to spacious terraces that wrap around the building, acting as buffer strips.  ​





22 Apartments Residential Development 


Conceptual Design

Town Planning Drawings 

Construction Documentation 


Completed 2020